05 May, 2016 | 3:54 PM IST

Model School

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"The Model School Scheme has been delinked from the support of the Government of India and as such the scheme stands transferred to States/UTs for further appropriate action."

The Model School scheme aims to provide quality education to talented rural children through setting up of 6,000 model schools at the rate of one school per block as benchmark of excellence. The scheme has the following objectives:

  • To have at least one good quality senior secondary school in every block.
  • To have a pace setting role
  • To try out innovative curriculum and pedagogy
  • To be a model in infrastructure, curriculum, evaluation and school governance

The scheme envisages setting up of (i) 3,500 schools in as many educationally backward blocks (EBBs) through State/UT Governments, and (ii) remaining 2,500 schools under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode in blocks which are not educationally backward.

The State Sector component for setting up of model schools in EBBs through State/UT Governments is being implemented from 2009-10. The implementation of the PPP component for setting up of model schools was initiated from 2012-13, however, the Ministry subsequently decided to undertake a review of this component of Model School Scheme before proceeding further. Any future course of action, therefore, would depend on the outcome of the review.