State Resource Centre

The State Resource Centre(s) (SRCs) are mandated to provide academic and technical resource support to adult and continuing education through development and production of material and training modules. In addition SRC would be required to conduct motivational and environmental building, action research and evaluation and monitoring.

Scope of Work

  • Preparation of teaching learning and training material for Adult Education programme
  • Training literacy Functionaries
  • Action Research
  • Evaluation and monitoring of literacy projects
  • Undertaking innovative projects to identify future needs Adult Education programme
  • Any other function incidental to accomplishment of the overall objectives of the NLM or specifically assigned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Categorisation of State Resource Centres

The State Resource Centres, based on the workload and size of their programme in the area of their jurisdiction, are categorized into two categories, namely, Category ‘A’ and Category ‘B’. Different quantum of assistance has been provided for each category.

New State Resource Centres

Under the programme 14 new State Resource Centres in Category ‘B’ were required to be set up. While setting up the new State Resource Centres, priority is to be given to States that do not have any SRC but where literacy levels, as per 2001 census, is below the national average. States with more than 20 districts would be facilitated to set up one additional State Resource Centres, while States with more than 30 districts would be eligible for a total of 3 State resource Centres. In exceptional circumstances proposals from other States may also be considered.

Pattern of Financial Assistance

The State Resource Centres are provided an annual recurring grant for Programme, Emoluments and Office Expenses, in the ratio of 45:45:10 as follows:

Budget Head Category "A"
(Rs. lakh)
Category "B"
(Rs. lakh)
Programmes 45 31.5
Emoluments 45 31.5
Office Expenses 10 07.0
Total 100 70

The SRCs have the flexibility in the number of staff appointed. Depending on the need and availability of funds, one time infrastructure grant of Rs 50 Lakhs may also be provided only to the new State Resource Centers.

Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Capacity building

Directorate of Adult Education, Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India, is responsible for planning, monitoring, evaluation and capacity building of all the SRCs.

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